Privacy Policy

The Government of Bangladesh and the councilor will maintain the confidentiality of your personal information. You can browse certain web pages without giving any personal information. If you are interested in giving information about yourself, then we will save that information. The information that will be collected will be used only for the purpose of internal purposes, internal review, and the content of the website. Your information for commercial purposes will not be used.

  • Whenever you receive e-mails, any surveys through the website, or provide any feedback or contact information, it will be possible to collect your personal information. In order to provide the right answers to your questions, your information may be sent to other government agencies or individuals.

  • This website has been linked to other agencies or organizations of the government. New site privacy policy will apply when you are using other sites other than this site.

  • Without any notice, Bangladesh government or councilor / authority can amend this policy at any time. Or you can inform users of this website through notice. Any information that has been preserved through the current policy will comply with these terms and conditions. If any information is collected after the change of policy, then it must be made in accordance with the changed policy.