About Prottoyon

This web portal has been designed to deliver all types of certification services to the public. It has been launched with the goal of providing government services as part of the Bangladesh government portal. Through the web portal of the government of Bangladesh, the Prime Minister's Office wants to reach all the information about the services of Bangladesh Government to the public. This has made the web portal of the online certificate system as a part of the web portal of the government of Bangladesh.

The government of Bangladesh is committed to facilitate the quality of living of Bangladeshi citizens and to reach the desired goals. For this purpose, the citizens of Bangladesh can apply their Charter, Univoted Certificate, Nationality Certificate, Certification Letter, Succession (Heir) Certificate to the Councilor through online.

All information about the popular services of the government of Bangladesh, the basic information of the structure of the Ministry, the websites of government agencies, important information and links published on the web can be found from the website.

When you email the website, participate in a survey or provide any feedback or contact information, it will be possible to collect your personal information. In order to provide the right answers to your questions, your information may be sent to other government agencies or individuals.